SquidRacing is the first NFT game, where the owners will participate in races to take home a huge PRIZE! The collection comprises 8000 unique racers who put their lives at risk for a chance of ultimate success. The stakes have never been higher, where triumph means wealth, but failure means certain death. Each Squid Racer is randomly generated from over 40 unique hand-drawn attributes. The models vary in appearance, but they have one thing in common; they are the fastest and most reckless racers in the Metaverse. SquidRacing is a survival racing game on the Solana blockchain 100% funded by fans.
To reward our fans we have set a no entry fee first tournament prize in SOL equivalent of: $50000 (100% sale), $25000 (50% sale) and 10000 (25% sale).

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What is it?

SquidRacing is a platform where the NFT owners participate in survival races.

How does it work?

Participants are split into groups forming a tournament tree. Every group holds a race on a randomly generated obstacle track, with only a few making it to the finish line. The finishers will participate in an interactive vote to split the prize money, or to carry it to the next tournament stage. The process repeats until the final is reached with the remaining prize pool equally divided between the survivors.

Race economics

Participants will pay an entry fee of which 2% will go to the organisers, 10% the final pool with the remaining 95% the overall tournament pool. If the tournament finishes prematurely because all groups decided to take the money, the 10% final reserve is released and will be equally divided across the remaining participants.

What would it look like?

For each group there will be a live feed of the positions in the race, as well as the overall tournament standings, remaining participants and the overall prize pool.

Strategic purpose NFTs

There will be up to 100 unique NFTs minted for strategic purposes, such as marketing oriented giveaways, auditing and other project needs. Each of the strategic NFTs will have unique identifying numbers from 0 - the overall strategic NFT count. They are also easily recognised by their open jacket as opposed to the regular SquidRacer closed jacket.

Community engagement

The above forms the core concept behind the SquidRacing project. However, we see this as a collaboration between creators and fans. We welcome suggestions and will take regular polls on our social media channels where fans can help us shape the project.


November 2021

Outline of the core project concepts

Announcement of the roadmap

Launch of the SquidRacing discord and twitter channels

Marketing campaigns and community giveaways

27th January 2022

17:00 UTC public sale of the SquidRacers

SquidRacering NFTs available to buy and sell on Solana marketplaces

Q1 2022: Prototype

Demonstration of the SquidRacing interface and gameplay

Regular progress reports

Collect feedback from users

Q2 2022: SquidRacing v0.1 (Alpha)

Simplified user interface

Simplified gameplay and graphics

Participation available to a limited number of users

Regular progress reports

Collect feedback from users

Q3 2022: SquidRacing v0.5 (Beta)

Complete user interface

Complete gameplay and graphics

Participation available to wider number of users

Wallet integration testing (not using real money yet)

Interactive voting testing for the finishers in their respective group

Regular progress reports

Collect feedback from users

Q4 2022: SquidRacing

Fully functional game available to all SquidRacing NFT owners

Additional feature requests and implementation

Q4 and beyond: Future work


Android and iOS app


When will The Squid Racing?

- Our minting will launch Jan. 27th, 2022 at 17:00:00 UTC

How much will it cost?

- 0.8 SOL for NFT

How can I get one?

- Be on our website at launch time and connect your wallet to the website then click the "Mint Now" button!